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Welcome to Carmen Habanera®

Love is a rebellious bird
That none can tame,
And it is well in vain that one calls it
If it suits him to refuse.“

(from Georges Bizet's opera "Carmen", aria „Habanera“)

Carmen Habanera®
is a young and innovative jewelry company and presents itself in a way diferent from others: wild, untamable, direct, independent , surprising and mysterious. Hence our name : it stands for the expressive passion , which performs the aria "Habanera" from Georges Bizet's world famous opera "Carmen".

Inspired by the main protagonist Carmen who puts her freedom and genuine feelings above all conventions , the creations of the jewelry designer of the same name convey a similar mood : individual and courageous, free and strong , with clear lines and defined style - and sometimes a little bit unconventional.

The experienced designer Carmen Cristescu felt during her long career in the jewelry industry as such, the wild bird in a cage. Since the successful founding of his own label Carmen Habanera® there is an artistic freedom and independence, which are expressed by their unique, sometimes polarizing collections.

Our dreams have come true: The bird has learned to fly . With Carmen Habanera® we offer you unique, charming and lovingly designed jewelry according to the motto "Feel free", that Georges Bizet's "Carmen" would have loved also...

Download here our newest consumer catalogues and price lists:

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The offers in this shop are directed exclusively to resellers. End users are welcome to get acquainted with our products. If you should be interested to buy individual products as consumers, we will gladly direct you to your nearest dealer.

We are listed among other at VEDES and EK Service Group. Our corporate philosophy is to be different and fair and to totally satisfy all our customers. Have fun browsing our web pages.

Yours Carmen